I was born in 1987, in A Coruña (Spain). Both my parents are photographers, so I grew up between flashes and cameras. I started taking photos when I was a child, and in 2007 I began to do it as a professional activity combining it with photo retouch, video edition, and graphic design.

Besides this “artistic” side, I’m also a geek passionate about tech innovation, marketing, and communication. With a degree in Advertising and Public Relations and 8+ years of experience in the field, I have covered roles such as Project Manager, Business Development Manager, and Marketing Manager at international companies in Italy and Spain. Some of the fields I have touched are mobile apps, hardware devices, events, cinema, and fashion.

I’m fluent in 6 languages; Spanish, Galician, Italian, English, French, and Portuguese; and have lived in Pontevedra, London, and Rome for several years. Now I’m based in Barcelona, where I work as a Project Manager for retail marketing campaigns all over Europe.

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